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At a Glance

Zimbra is a collaborative solution comprising of email, address book, calendar and task solution that can be accessed from its own web client, the Zimbra Desktop offline client, or from a variety of other email clients such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Pegasus, and Thunderbird. The Zimbra interface is intuitive and collaborative, and simplifies the daily hassles of email.


Key Benefits

Complete Email and Collaboration solution with high availability
Zimbra is a complete email, address book, calendar and tasks solution that can be accessed from the Zimbra Web client, the Zimbra Desktop™ offline client, Outlook, and a variety of other standards-based email clients and mobile devices. You can deploy it as a traditional binary install on Linux or as a software virtual appliance, commonly referred to as Zimbra appliance.


Superior End-User Experience

Because Zimbra is compatible with all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Web browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome), it enhances user experience and eliminates the costs of support and training. Its supreme functionality lies in the fact that it is browser based, allowing for smoother interaction; offers user-friendly filters that can be customized; feature-rich when it comes to compose, copy and paste. The task of managing emails in bulk, multiple calendars and an extensive contact list is no longer daunting.


Reduced Administration and Maintance

The simple web-based administration console enables IT admin to access the application from anywhere, at any time, in a secure manner. Managing the access and policies of a diverse set of users in a large organization is now easy via the console. End users can also empower themselves through the self-service administration, thereby easing their dependence on IT admin, reducing support overheads and increasing their personal user experience.
There is a noticeable reduction in IT admin and maintenance overheads with the use of the Zimbra appliance. The Zimbra application with its OS and application stack comes with a single lifecycle management policy which includes firewall, antivirus and antispam filtering.


Key Features of the Advanced Web Client

Application features such as drag and drop, tagging, and conversation views via the rich browser-based Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) interface
- Send and receive authenticated and encrypted email messages.
- Comprehensive search-based inbox; search within attachments; automatically saved search folders.
- Innovative calendar wizard that scans shared calendars and allocates the appropriate time and place for large meetings within seconds.
- Share and collaborate with peers: inboxes, contacts, calendars and tasks.
- Robust enterprise calendars with shared free and busy times; interoperable with users of Microsoft Exchange.
- Integrate third-party services as mash-ups or application tabs


Web-Based Administration

- Real-time mailbox restore and backup; native hierarchical storage management.
- Cross-mailbox discovery, archive for regulatory compliance.
- Antispam, antivirus and directory services integrated (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Active Directory).
- Open Web service APIs and representational state transfer (REST) interfaces.


Zimbra Desktop

- Enables offline access from Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops.
- Aggregates Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and other Post - - - Office Protocol (POP) and Internet message access protocol (IMAP) accounts.
- Syncs Yahoo!, Gmail Address Book and Calendar.


Support for other Desktop Email Clients

- Full synchronization to Microsoft Outlook with full delegate, support and offline access for S/MIME using Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI).
- Support for all POP3, IMAP4, Calendaring Extensions to Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (CalDAV), and vCard Extensions to Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (CardDAV) clients.


Mobile Access

- Synchronize with iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Android-based smartphones and tablets.
- Set mobile security policies on user accounts: device wipe, PINs and device-management features.
- Browser-based experience, rich in features, for Zimbra email, contacts and calendar on any XHTML-capable device.