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Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

CentX Fibre To The Business (FTTB)


Fibre is many times faster than conventional copper internet connections (ADSL/DSL). Fibre provides faster loading of websites, faster download/upload speeds and faster file transfers between systems.



ADSL/DSL is much more susceptible to electromagnetic interference due to it being copper making it a lot less reliable than Fibre. ADSL/DSL is stolen frequently for the copper and sold for scrap metal whereas Fibre is made of glass, making it pointless to steal.


Lower Latency and Attenuation

Latency is the delay in data transfer between two points, attenuation is the degredation or loss of the signal between those two points. Fibre has far lower latency and attenuation than ADSL/DSL providing a much more reliable and faster internet experience.


Uncapped, No Throttling

Fibre-to-the-Business is uncapped and unthrottled. As most businesses work more and more from home or offsite, and use cloud services to conduct their business, being able to do so without worrying of hitting your data cap or having your speed throttled back is imperative.